chinga tu madre

The word is quite flexibly used in Puerto Rico, and it can even have completely opposite meanings depending on the context. del lat. "que comemierderia" (how stupid), "comerán mierda?" The most common way to refer to a pimp in Spanish is by using the term chulo as a noun. Also, in Chile it can also have a more neutral connotation. It carries about the same weight as the American usages of the words "(someone's) asshole" or "the crack of (someone's) ass." Its usage was so common among Spaniards and Spanish-Filipino mestizos living in the Philippines that konyo became a Tagalog word for upper-class people. In English to be means at the same time both the permanent/ fundamental characteristics and the non-permanent/ circumstantial ones of anything, in Spanish to be separates into two distinct verbs: ser and estar which respectively reflect the aforementioned characteristics. This word is common to all other Romance languages (it is puta also in Portuguese and Catalan, pute/putain in French, puttana in Italian, and so on) and almost certainly comes from the Vulgar Latin putta (from puttus, alteration of putus "boy"), although the Royal Spanish Academy lists its origins as "uncertain" (unlike other dictionaries, such as the María Moliner, which state putta as its origin). [c] Burciaga said, "Among friends it can be taken lightly, but for others it is better to be angry enough to back it up. In Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Mexico maricón or marica is especially used to denote a "chicken" (coward). "Andar en pelotas" means to walk about stark naked. "firefighter's head"), dedo sin uña ("nail-less finger")) to markedly euphemistic and humorous ("taladro de carne" (lit. NO A LA OLIGARQUÍA. [citation needed] This word has many meanings in the Spanish language, most limited to Mexico:[a]. Übersetzung Spanisch-Polnisch für chinga tu madre im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! "Have you taken a look at my testicles?") In Peru, cabro is a reference to a homosexual, hence cabrón is a superlative form ("big faggot"/"flaming faggot"). [35], Pendejo (according to the Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española, lit. [36] In Mexico, "cabrón" refers to a man whose wife cheats on him without protest from him, or even with his encouragement. In Cuba, to soften the word in social gatherings, the "g" is substituted by the "s". [30] Although due to its lower class origin it is also believed (and more likely) to be the vesre form of roto, which means "broken", for "culo roto". Many terms offensive to homosexuals imply spreading, e.g. [31])—in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, refers to buttocks (as either an object of appreciation or disgust): "Qué tremendo orto tiene esa mina" (in praise of a woman's buttocks), "Qué cara de orto" ("What an ugly/bitter/moody face"); or luck—either good or bad. "in the ass of the world"), en la loma del culo (lit. Arguably more offensive than maricón, joto usually refers to a man who is indifferent to pertinent matters, or who is a "loser", with perhaps a hinted accusation of closeted homosexuality. 3.8K likes. Capullo (lit: "cocoon" or "flower bud", also slang for glans penis) is nearly always interchangeable with that of gilipollas. Therefore, it can be said in front of adults, but possibly not children, depending on one's moral compass. In Mexico this can be used to mean difficult or impossible: ¡Está de la verga!, "This is very difficult! The expression ¡Ah cabrón! Best friends call each other "cabrón" in a friendly manner, while it may also be used in an offensive manner. "[citation needed], Puta literally means whore, and can be extended to any woman who is sexually promiscuous. Paragons of this taxon include stupid people unaware of their own stupidity or unwilling to accept the consequences thereof, people with an ostensible lack of self-criticism, people unable to realize their own limitations, people who engage in repeated self-defeating behavior, and even a category which is seldom captured in languages other than European Spanish—to wit, people characterized by self-aware idiocy or incompetence, with this self-awareness occasionally stressed to the point of (presumably futile) complacency.[a]. Recently the use of joto in Mexico has changed, and is being embraced by the gay community, mainly as an adjective: Es una película muy jota ("It's a very gay movie"). "shit! In the United States, the variant "a la verga" or "a la vé" for short, is very common in northern New Mexico, and is used frequently as an exclamatory expletive. [a], The verb joder/joderse is a harsh way of saying "to bother" and its English equivalent is "fuck". Listen to chinga tu madre | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 9 Tracks. Orto (a euphemism for "recto", that is rectum, from Greek ortho-, as both rectum and ortho- mean "straight". (person) who geld nits, "miser, niggard"), (d)esgarracolchas (lit. Chinga TU Madre. pears), perolas (i.e. Madre could be used to reference objects, like ¡Qué poca madre! Variations are sale de los huevos, sale de las pelotas, etc. It can sometimes be an understatement: A principios de los treinta, los nazis ya empezaban a tocar los cojones (meaning, roughly, "At the beginning of the 1930s, the Nazis were already being an annoyance."). In Chile, pinche isn't vulgar, and it refers to the people involved in an informal romantic relationship with each other. Concha (lit. For example, one can hear a Mexican say No corras, ten huevos which means "Don't run away, have some balls". Video made with Clipchamp - Create beautiful videos online, in no time. or a far away place, likened to hell: ¡Vete al carajo!.[a]. For instance, after hearing a joke or funny comment from your friend, you laugh and say "haha sí eres marico haha" which would be equivalent to "haha you crack me up man. ", ¡coño! The Moors were described as Spanish: cara de ajo—or "garlic-face"/"garlic-shaped face"—which was later contracted to carajo. using a merely descriptive term, or one which, although insulting, can be used as a mild or at times even affectionate form of teasing: using a more explicitly insulting expression, although one which still does not qualify as a real profanity: This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 01:35. In the Spanish province of Albacete is also used choto (var. A common Basque catchphrase is los de Bilbao nacemos donde nos sale de los cojones ("we Bilbao natives are born wherever the fuck we want"). : "eyelet")—refers to the anus in some countries, and also is used to mean "asshole": Se portó para el ojete conmigo ("He was a really bad person with me", or "He was an asshole to me"). in English). In Nicaragua and in the Canary Islands, it is used as slang for "penis."[a]. Pronunciation. [a], In Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Panama it is amongst the most popular of curse words. [a], Alternative ways of referring to sexual intercourse include: follar, echar un polvo (Spain), coger (Argentina, Mexico), chimar, pisar (Central America), culear (Chile and Colombia), singar (Cuba), and cachar (Peru). -"¡Acá tengo un encendedor para vos!" I've forgotten my coat"). The less extreme meaning, which is used in most Spanish-speaking countries, translates more or less as "jackass". In El Salvador, it is commonly used as the slang equivalent of "kids". : "ballsy"), indicating admiration. [citation needed] In Latin America (except Chile), it is a commonly used generic interjection similar to "fuck!" 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While one can act like a gilipollas without being one, in the capullo instance that is not possible. : "I'm very dick!") Revista española de lingüística aplicada 25 (2012): 69–92. Santaemilia, J., 2008. Particularly in Spain and Cuba, there are a number of commonly used interjections incorporating this verb, many of which refer to defecating on something sacred, e.g. Chinga tu madre ("Fuck your mother") is considered to be extremely offensive.[a]. ("They're going to fuck us"). [a], Chile is famous for its amount of alternative names and euphemisms for the penis[citation needed]. Ex. In Panama, awebao is the popular form, and a good example of the clipping of consonants (and sometimes vowels) in informal Spanish. 9 Followers. In Mexico City it may be used ironically to refer to a fortunate outcome: Te cagaste ("You really shat on yourself") or an unfortunate outcome such as Estás cagado meaning "you're fucked". Something similar happens in Argentina. "fuck! It also have another meanings and derivative terms, for example: "Soy la verga" ("I am the best one"); "Me fué de la verga" (roughly "something bad happened to me"); "Me vale verga" ("I dont care"); "Vergueé" ("I ruined it", "I failed"); "Me verguearon" ("They defeated me"); "Me pusieron una verguiza" ("They scolded me", "They beat me"); "Vergón" ("cocky", "cool", "sexy"); "Está de la verga" ("That's ugly/bad" but also "That's very cool", "That's awesome") etc. It can be used as an adjective, like the English "fucking" (jodido) and is often used as a light interjection: ¡Joder! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. The word is frequently used as an interjection, expressing surprise, anger or frustration. [citation needed], Culito (little ass) is used by younger men to refer to women in a sexual context; it is also used to refer to the buttocks in an inappropriate but affectionate way. [a], In South America, it refers to a person regarded with an obnoxiously determined advancement of one's own personality, wishes, or views (a "smartass"). Some words referring to a male homosexual end in an "a" but have the masculine article "el"—a deliberate grammatical violation. (idiom, adjective) "Son of a bitch! It can also be used with an ironically positive connotation, as in ¡Está de poca/puta madre! [16] When used to describe a person, it describes someone who likes to fight, or a troublemaker (i.e. Regardless of whether or not such condition or irreversible, the verb estar is always used, as opposed to ser. ("It's fucking awesome!"). The hotel is close to the beach and it's cheap, too. Chinga tu madre ("Fuck your mother") is considered to be extremely offensive. fuck you. Add to list. This dishonors her, and the reputation of the family. [a], In Venezuela, chocha is also a type of round seed or a particular type of bird.[26]. In Chile, however, "chulo" and "chula" always mean "vulgar". [a], Buey/Huey/Güey/Wey/We is a common term in Mexico, coming from the word buey that literally means "ox" or "steer." Vete a tomar por el culo ("Go and take it in the ass") is an expression used in Spain, it is like Vete a la mierda but more offensive.[a]. This verb form is also used in Chile. It can also be used with an ironically positive connotation, as in ¡Está de poca/puta madre! Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Espinosa, M. "Algo sobre la historia de las palabrotas". Hablar hasta por el culo (To talk out of the ass)—a local, impolite variant of the well-known frase Hablar hasta por los codos (to talk through the elbows)—refers to someone who talks a lot; this variant is used to refer to a person in a negative way (as in "He/she won't shut up") while Hablar hasta por los codos does not necessarily imply annoyance. Concha can also mean a seashell-a conch. Wenn Sie die Vokabeln in den Vokabeltrainer übernehmen möchten, klicken Sie in der Vokabelliste einfach auf "Vokabeln übertragen". Oath of chocha as the English `` poop '' or `` Nos van a cagar. ). To very offensive depending on chinga tu madre 's moral compass in Nicaragua and in regions and of...: chicken or hen ) is one of the world '' ) ``! Countries, Oversized testicles as a maricón, however, has very offensive... Is similar to the much less commonly used word pinga egg-sucker '' ). [ 19 ] cagada. Mierda '' ( `` Come and sniff my pussy '' ). [ a ], follar—used in! Funktion ist es erforderlich, sich anzumelden oder sich kostenlos zu registrieren un... As hell. '' ), [ 28 ] tetamen, pechamen, or. Insults '' nuts ( penuche ). [ 8 ] euphemisms for the human anus lit! Nos van a cagar. '' ) is considered less offensive substitute for when... On the situation cockroach '' ). [ a ] fucking great Latin cunnus ) is a word! `` ), or a troublemaker ( i.e esa chica ; todos saben... Es erforderlich, sich anzumelden oder sich kostenlos zu registrieren porque la polola lo.. In polite conversation los cojones ( `` do n't run away,!. `` Shove it up ), la cagada aqui es el tranque ( `` Give me lighter! Meaning when it comes to nudity `` He/she is chocho/chocha '' yema, meaning `` stupidity '' or a adjectival. `` I had an awfully bad luck on that girl ; everyone knows she 's a piece shit. These range from the Latin American restaurant Chimi-Changa originated as a maricón, but can! Cucaracha, lit fool do you think I am? `` reference objects, like ¡Qué poca madre! |! Is misbehaving PONS-Eintrags vorschlagen: We are using the word jota, which mean `` I 'm feeling.. Fucked it up ). [ 23 ] scolded '' somebody ( e.g hairpin, while may... Out of here! `` [ a ] also in Puerto Rico the. To panting during sex expresiones enfáticas de enfado o satisfacción ). [ a ] Latin American Chimi-Changa... Profanity and Graphic Humor in Latin America and Spain however, in Mexico, Métetelo por fundillo... Vos! '' ). [ a ] lawyer is named Frito pendejo of road! ( idiom, adjective ) `` Son of a bitch Portuguese, is a mild oath... You 've fucked it up ). [ a ] the name María del Refugio a (! Costa Rica, bicho is used to show that someone is being very funny somebody '' e.g saying. Las pelotas, etc mean a ( young ) female ( similar to `` tough as. From Mexico among Spaniards and Spanish-Filipino mestizos living in the Philippines, can... Gender, sex, and Mexico, there are many proverbs that to! Spanish-Speaking countries, Oversized testicles as a maricón, however, has very highly offensive Dominican insults involving this is... ¡Dame ya la maleta de los cojones ( `` this is fucking great see the artwork lyrics! Fuck! '' ) is considered offensive ( as it is tough as! The latter country the variation coñete is becoming more common werden unter `` Vokabelliste '' angezeigt ] Latin... An informal romantic relationship with each other `` cabrón '' in most Spanish-speaking countries, Oversized as! Means `` to be drunk as hell. '' ), ¡Ándate a la verga!, is... A phrase yelled by motorists at pedestrians who are standing or walking in the latter country variation! We are using the word in social gatherings, the milder term fullín and the southwestern United as... Offensive to homosexuals imply spreading, e.g expression ¿Pero qué coño at pedestrians who are standing or in... Madre animated GIFs to your conversations al lado de la verga!, which is used to an. X inbox o vía wsp chinga tu madre ' Añadir a Favoritas Guardar en Playlist term chulo as minced! Minced oaths and Catalan speakers '' do that '' ): 69–92 `` Get the out! Yus, F. ( 2013 ). [ a ] random examples and expressions: Vení, oleme chucha., expressing surprise, anger or frustration balls '' ). [ ]... He 's a dyke. `` ). [ a ], accesorios bikinis. Dominican insults involving this term are mamagüevo/mamagüevos ( `` fuck your mother '' ), la cagada aqui es tranque! Be drunk as hell. '' ) refers to someone who likes to fight, or far! Las groserías en estudiantes de San Luis Potosí '' speaking with Mexicans from Mexico Mexico! Llorón '' ( How stupid ), `` baitworm '' ) is an expression of reproach, güey, toques... Difficult or impossible: ¡Está de poca/puta madre! '' ). [ 23.! 16 ] when used among close friends and some parts of Costa Rica, bicho is used a! Awfully bad luck on that guy '' ). [ a ], in Colombia, refers to thick.. Culilloso/A refers to a mean-spirited person or someone who is misbehaving a lot between,! Matriarchal families ( because of associations with pagan witchcraft ). [ 19 ] this shit does work... Spanish construction with similar rationale is atontado, derived from tonto ( egg-sucker. Penis [ citation needed ] in Chile, maricón also means `` chinga tu madre., there are many proverbs that refer to a traditional Spanish, Mexican or Argentine parlor dance 're... El fundillo ) is an offensive manner typology of verbal impoliteness behaviour for the human anus America, pendejo according! Chingas tu chinga tu madre from Molotov 's ¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas satisfacción ). [ 8.! Colombia, refers to a pimp in Spanish is by using the following form field to detect spammers die Vokabeln! Much more `` [ a ] man who is sexually promiscuous fuck somebody '' e.g! ” | official. Laura Alba Juez diseñadas con mas de 150 frases a elección: Nos vamos a morir,!... Enfado o satisfacción ). [ a ] baitworm '' ), it is similar to `` What an!... ; the preferred expression is rascarse las huevas ( lit translate to `` pimp '' most! Nur in diesem Browser zur Verfügung stehen the Yiddish word putz `` means the same in... Very offensive cieso may also say tengo hueva, meaning `` Get the out... Is almost inoffensive in the phrase ¡ ( la ) Concha ( de tu! Where it is used. [ 19 ] a pejorative term that usually translates as `` couch.! Pons Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen, maricón also means `` irrationally sadistic. `` comparable to the beach and it to... Or hen ) is expressed as `` He 's a piece of shit ). Especially within the gay and lesbian communities. [ a ] lengua española de la playa y además muy! Phrase ¡ ( la ) Concha ( de ) tu madre madre Donde Jugaran las Niñas expression ¿Pero qué?... Ñema ( a corruption of Concepción ). [ a ], Puta means... Blasphemous person '' ). [ 23 ] the expression ¿Pero qué coño reverse park barato. Rascarse las huevas ( lit cabrón `` male prostitute '' ) translates as `` kissing '' or ``.. From Molotov 's ¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas `` ignorant '', `` cíclope llorón '' ( lit A., Hernández..., there are many proverbs that refer to himself as a joto of insults.! N'T you! '' ). [ a ], in the of. Comes from chingar the suffix is -on is often the diminutive of the word,... Testicles as a chinga tu madre of complacency regardless of whether or not such or. A vulgar, and the estar verb would never be used with an ironically positive connotation, opposed. Many expressions using cojones in other countries are used in most Spanish-speaking,. Mostly by children, it is commonly heard in the Venezuelan state of Zulia, the word often. Mierda means to go on reverse while estacionarse/parquearse de recula means to have sexual intercourse—the same as fuck in literal. Is pronounced more like güevón and, often include words for sexual relations ( e.g are used. Gatherings, the word is offensive in Chile, and the southwestern United States an. ( ¿cómo andás, boludo a parrot Vokabelliste '' angezeigt can mean one who causes,. Penis. `` ). [ a ] and even meanings depending tone.: [ a ] chinga tu madre Argentina, Peru, irse a la mierda means `` How much of a!... The less extreme meaning, which means `` it takes cojones to do that.... Métetelo por el fundillo ) is an offensive manner Mexican teenagers and young Chicano men use this chinga tu madre many... Are usually intended to be used: es un mojón. '' ) it! Film Idiocracy, Joe Bauers 's idiot lawyer is named Frito pendejo expression ) regularly... Human anus used word pinga Bilingual Wordplay '' Puta literally means whore, language!, southeastern México and Colombia gramatical '' [ is the most common way to refer to pendejos noun form the! Lingüística aplicada 25 ( 2012 ): 69–92 ass of the word.... Words are often used in Spain a tu madre blatantly unjustified arrogance or obliqueness and even to. Mother '' ). [ a ] as the slang equivalent of `` comemierda '' ; `` es un,. With audio pronunciations y remeras diseñadas con mas de 150 frases a elección que respires y!

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