2017 ford escape air conditioner problems

February 2016 First Printing Owner’s Manual Escape Litho in U.S.A. HJ5J 19A321 AA 2017 ESCAPE Owner’s Manual owner.ford.com ford.ca 2017 ESCAPE Owner’s Manual as such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of federal motor … The settings for the closing-force of the power-operated windows may allow the windows to close on an object such as a body part and injure it before the … Lack of Refrigerant – Your Escape’s air conditioner will not work if the refrigerant has disappeared due to a leak. Ford Escape owners have reported 11 problems related to air conditioner (under the equipment category). I have an intriguing problem though. the 2017 ford escape air conditioner problem is a/c can't be adjusted. Spray about a 1/2 can all around in behind the glove box. The most recently reported issues are listed below. They did an evacuation and recharge of the system. Vehicles affected by the Ford lug nut swelling problem. The crux of my problem is this -- sometimes the a/c works, sometimes it doesn't. They checked for leaks but found none. Previously the air didn't work when set at … Ford recalls 2020 Explorer, Escape and F-Series Super Duty for various problems. I own a 2010 Ford Escape Limited, AWD, V6 with approximately 51,500 miles, and I will start by saying that I know virtually nothing about reparing cars. It shouldn’t have any discernible smell. ACTION: Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. While there are a variety of reasons your Ford Escape heater is not working, the most common 3 are a broken heater blower motor, a problem with the thermostat, or a failed heater blower motor resistor. Keep your engine breathing at maximum efficiency when you replace your 2017 Ford Escape's engine air filter after every other oil change, or at the service interval recommended by your owner's manual. Windows shut, AC on, high blower, max/recirculated air, engine running,hood open,. Some 2015-2017 Escape vehicles equipped with EMTC and built on or before 8-Apr-2016 may exhibit incorrect air distribution from the instrument panel registers when panel mode is selected on the heater ventilation air conditioning control panel. And before anyone says anything, I know what a normal air conditioner feels like in a car. When you turn on your car’s air conditioner, you should receive a flow of cold air that cools the cabin. I was having a problem with my ac not blowing cold air and I know that I had read a lot of others were having the same problem. Anyway, on long trips my air conditioner would stop working sometimes after 2 or 3 hours. If you notice strange smells coming from the air vents, there’s a problem. VISIBILITY:POWER WINDOW DEVICES AND CONTROLS Recall Date: 08/23/2016. Last summer, the A/C on our 2012 Ford Escape stopped blowing cold air. Discuss it at Forum View This TSB. If you are driving a 2017 Ford Escape, or planning to buy one, review owner-reported reported Air Bags problems and defects. Hey guys. Upvote (1) Downvote (0) Summary: Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain model year 2017 Ford Escape Titanium and SE vehicles manufactured October 5, 2015, to May 12, 2016. The actual nature of that problem will depend on what you’re smelling. Fire risks, improper seat restraints and rollaway risks make up the batch of problems. I had a '10 Fusion before this car which I loved but was really a bit too small for my 6'2'' height. Worst 2017 Ford Escape Problems … A faulty clutch and defects in the cooler may cause transmission problems in the Ford Escape. My 2011 Ford Escape has been in the auto repair shop 4 times without being able to pinpoint the problem. Most refrigerants include a leak sealer that will seal small leaks in addition to filling the R134a refrigerant. But instead of the driver manipulating the gears, like a traditional stick-shift, the car’s onboard comput… SERVICE PROCEDURE In fact, most won’t even cycle on without the right amount of refrigerant pressure. The overall cost of a new coil and installation is in the range of $576 to $711. Common problems found in the Ford Escape include transmission failure, wiper motor defects, faulty air conditioning, rear lift gate problems and faulty door seals. Shut the car up and let it run this way for 30 minutes. Ford Escape Air Bags problems and reviews: 2. This is far and away the most common reason that your Escape’s air conditioner … If it's cool out -- when I don't particularly need the a/c -- … Equipment:Appliance:Air Conditioner Summary: Some 2017 escape vehicles with electronic manual temperature control (emtc) and ford original accessory or fia scalable remote start systems may exhibit a concern of the air distribution and temperature controls becoming locked after 5 minu . Unlike a traditional automatic, which uses planetary gearsets, these transmissions employ gears mounted on opposing shafts, like a manual transmission. Get reliability information for the 2017 Ford Escape from Consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data and expert technical knowledge. The Escape seems much better suited to me. 31% of the time it's The air seems to work when the outside temp is below 80 degrees but doesn't work for 90% of the time when the temp is higher. Then 2-3 weeks later, my wife says she saw a puff of smoke come out of the vents (not sure if it was smoke or vapor or what). Cold air started blowing again! Each shaft has its own clutch, hence the term “dual clutch”. Ford motor company (ford) is recalling certain model year 2017 ford escape titanium and se vehicles manufactured october 5, 2015, to may 12, 2016. the settings for the closing-force of the power-operated windows may allow the windows to close on an object such as a body part and injure it before the windows auto-reverse. When the air conditioner in your 2013 Ford Escape starts blowing hot air, you likely have a freon leak. Recharging the freon in your AC system is an inexpensive and easy first step to restoring the cooling capacity of your A/C system. Other problems include ignition coil faults, carpet padding problems and engine failure. Check out our Ford Escape overview to see the most problematic years, worst problems and most recently reported complaints with the Escape. The Ford Escape | John Sciulli/Getty Images for Ford Motor Company According to RepairPal.com, the most common problem encountered by Ford Escape owners is ignition misfire. To see how frequently 2017 Ford Escape problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. 2017 Ford Escape Electrical Problems. Engine exhaust odor in the cabin intermittently, going up a hill or merging onto the freeway at about 3500 rpms, air conditioner is on and recirculation mode is on, seems to fail more in hotter weather. TSB Number: SSM 46396 At first it was blowing out cool air but not cold. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Ford has had nothing but problems with its dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCTs) since the unit’s introduction in 2008. 418 consumers reported that the ignition coils fail and must be replaced. We took it to our mechanic (who I trust). Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Escape based on all problems reported for the Escape. The fan would blow but nothing was coming out of the vent. Spray about a 1/2 can all around in behind the glove box. The Used 2017 Ford Escape SE is priced between $15,000 and$20,995 with odometer readings between 16971 and83208 miles. In a worst case scenario, the Ford lug nut swelling problem could prevent a user or tech from properly tightening the lug nut, potentially causing the wheel to fall off. This 2017 model is a replacement from Ford of our 2015 Ford Explorer that had the same problem!. The two-piece lug nuts were used on the Focus, Fusion, Escape, F150, C-Max, Expedition and F350 vehicles.

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